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Stan Hywet

I had the privilege of spending a couple hours touring the grounds at Stan Hywet last week.  I haven't been there in a number of years--which is surprising considering how much time we used to spend here when the kids were small. The English Garden is still my favorite.  It feels like a secret garden all tucked away behind a door.  It's quiet and the plantings are lush and green surrounding the reflecting pool.  I could spend hours here just sitting.  In fact, it seems like the perfect spot to hide away for a nap. The Japanese garden is also beautiful with its meandering stepping stone pathway.   Add caption The butterflies have been back for a few years now, albeit not in the conservatory.  They have their own little enclosure right next to the conservatory now. I think I shall always feel amazed by the delicate nature of butterfly eggs.   I need to go back soon when I have more time to wander.

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