Reluctant Himalayan

Leila is our very sweet, very cuddly Himalayan cat. Like most cats she spends her days napping. She likes to break up her routine by watching the squirrels and birds outside, but only from the safety of the house. She's quite reluctant to venture outdoors, and even though we coax her if we are working in the flowerbeds, she is content to sit and watch from just inside the door. lilac point himalayan cat - photo by Adrienne Zwart
 It's Pet month over at I Heart Faces, and this is my entry in the photo challenge. You can play along, too! Simply click on the button below to learn how to submit your own pet photo. Don't have pets? No problem! You can enter a photo of any animal. (No snakes, please. Well--technically, you are allowed to enter a photo of a snake if you want to, but I won't be coming over to your blog to look at it.) ;)


She sure is a regal looking cat! All of my cats have been the sort to try to break out of the house at the slightest opportunity. I think I would like a reluctant explorer!
Janice K said…
She probably thinks it is too much work to wash up that beautiful fur after a walk outdoors.

It was nice to see your name pop up on blogger. God bless your day!

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