Nature Resources

Below is a list of field guides and other resources.  The list contains affiliate links, so if it bothers you that I might make enough to make a visit to Starbucks, feel free to open another browesr window and search for the items on your own. No worries!

I love to learn.

About everything!

I am still fascinated by birds, bugs and plants especially those I've never seen or noticed before. In fact, I'm just as likely as my kids are to come running into the house beckoning breathlessly to "Quick! Come see what I found!"   Of course, they often carry the prized discovery along with them, while I prefer to observe and then capture with my camera.

Simply finding something new is just the beginning.  I probably enjoy the research that follows just as much as the finding.

Here are my favorite resources for identification:



Other Insects and Spiders

Flowers and Trees

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