Super Moon

Did you have a clear view of the Super Moon this weekend?  Saturday evening was cloudy here in Akron, but by 3:30 AM, the moon was so bright that it woke me up!  I was too tired at that point to try to go out and take photos.  We had some low clouds again this evening, so by the time I got the chance to see the moon, it was pretty high up in the sky already.
This was my first attempt at night photography with the tripod.  (Note to self: Buy a better tripod.)  After peering into the viewfinder without touching the camera and watching the focal point drift across the moon several times, I nearly gave up. I just can’t seem to tighten the lever down enough.  But I was getting pretty close to figuring out the settings for the exposure I wanted, so I re-tightened it and tried again.
super moon over akron 2013 - photo by Adrienne Zwart
There was still a bit of a cloud wrapping around the bottom, but I’m just happy to have got one decent shot.  Photo taken with Canon 5D Mk II, Tamron 70-300 mm lens at f/16.  ISO 100  1/15 sec


Anonymous said…
Awesome! I could see it Saturday, but not that clearly. Last night it was just too cloudy. :( What a great shot!
Nice capture, Adrienne! :) I saw, should have tried it too!

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