Stan Hywet

I had the privilege of spending a couple hours touring the grounds at Stan Hywet last week.  I haven't been there in a number of years--which is surprising considering how much time we used to spend here when the kids were small.
wispy white alium - photo by Adrienne Zwart

The English Garden is still my favorite.  It feels like a secret garden all tucked away behind a door.  It's quiet and the plantings are lush and green surrounding the reflecting pool.  I could spend hours here just sitting.  In fact, it seems like the perfect spot to hide away for a nap.

English Garden - Stan Hywet photo by Adrienne Zwart Photography

The Japanese garden is also beautiful with its meandering stepping stone pathway.  

waterfall at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens - photo by Adrienne Zwart
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The butterflies have been back for a few years now, albeit not in the conservatory.  They have their own little enclosure right next to the conservatory now.

monarch buttefly on tropical milkweed -  photo by Adrienne Zwart Photography in OHio
moarning cloak butterfly photo by Adrienne Zwart Photography in OHio
I think I shall always feel amazed by the delicate nature of butterfly eggs.monarch egg on leaf  photo by Adrienne Zwart Photography in OHiomonarch butterfly on Milkweed  photo by Adrienne Zwart Photography in OHio

 I need to go back soon when I have more time to wander.


lovely photos, Adrienne! It looks like a very special place. Butterfly eggs (and butterflies themselves) are amazing creations.

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