Prairie Wildflowers (SWF)

boettler park photos by Adrienne in Ohio
Boettler Park

This prairie/wetland conservation area is part of our local park. It features a walking path and bluebird trail. The kids and I enjoyed our morning walk here listening to the frogs and birds, pausing every so often so that I could take a photo.

prairie wildflower photo by Adrienne Zwart

There is a pond in the center which is hidden by the cattails and other water-loving plants. I'm not sure what the purple flowers are but they look a lot like the lizard-tail plants I have in my bog garden. Only those have white flowers. Hmm, and what are the wispy plants intermingled here? I need to get out the wildflower field guide and do some research.

purple spiked wetland wildflower photo by Adrienne Zwart

This section of the park is a lovely place to watch bluebirds, tree swallows, red-winged blackbirds, and various insects.

goldfinch hiding in the wildflowers - photo by Adrienne in Ohio

The goldfinches were very entertaining as they feasted on the seeds from coreopsis and black-eyed-susan.

And lastly, here's another flower I do not know. Where is that field guide?

prairie wildflower photo by Adrienne in Ohio

As you can see from the first photo, we had some cloudy skies this week. I don't really mind as it makes good diffuse light. Want to see other skies from around the world? Check out Skywatch Friday.


janice said…
Beautiful! Summer is FINALLY here in Ohio!
Amy said…
Nice post! Looks like the goldfinch is trying to hide among the yellow flowers. :) Have a nice holiday weekend!
Shellmo said…
So pretty!! I felt like I was in an impressionism painting!! Beautiful!
What a neat park to have near you, Adrienne. That would be a fabulous place to walk... I'd love to go on the bluebird (bird) trail!!!

Have a wonderful 4th.
Kelly said…
Oh my goodness!!! I would love to live close to this prairie. The flowers are beautiful. We don't have anything this big in Cincy. I absolutely love the shot of the goldfinch in the field of flowers. Beautiful.
TCKK said…
Great pictures Adrienne.
Nice Sky Watch Photos...I like the rich meadows and all the plants...have a great weekend.
drewmark19 said…
Beautiful photos, Adrienne. The last time I did a photo walk through our local park, it was next to impossible to find any bright, interesting colors. I'll have to head over again. I have a feeling (since a couple months have gone by) that I could get some really pretty pictures.
You really seem to be enjoying the Summer. Have a wonderful 4th.
Carletta said…
I really enjoyed this post.
Love the first image! I want to walk right in.
I also was pleasantly pleased to see that little finch. He just made that shot. :)

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.
Loved the beautiful soft colours in the yellow daisy field, - and what a sweet complement to the little goldfinch...
Sanna said…
Beautiful photos and beautiful flowers and I almost missed the bird. =)
fishing guy said…
Adrienne: Those are beautiful flower to go with SWF. Have a great 4Th.
The fishing was unproductive but that wasn't what the trip was about.
Faye Pekas said…
Love the depth on the first shot. Great photos.
Alle the pictures are beautiful and espcially the one with the gold finch. I've never seen one in real life yet. Have a great weekend.
ivars krafts said…
Beautiful photos Adrienne! Thank you.
Anonymous said…
What gorgeous flowers & post. I like the photo of the vervain, have been meaning to get a picture of that myself one of these days. Saw somewhere that you liked the U.P. of Michigan...that's where we live. happy 4th of July weekend!
Oh my gosh! I love these. I can see you getting better and better! It thrills me to pieces. So pretty!

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