Camera Critters

pet photography by Adrienne Zwart
I encouraged my friends to bring their dog along on their recent photo session so that I could get some practice photographing pets, too. I thought it might be easier to take pictures of her rather than our cat who really can’t be bothered with posing for the camera.   Hmm.  Boy, was this puppy busy!  She is such a sweet little dog, though.  I was happy to have captured a few good shots, and this was my favorite.
Camera Critters is a photo meme hosted by my talented photographer friend, Misty Dawn. 


Larry D said…
This looks like an interesting dog, great photo!
What a beautiful shot. Animals are hard, aren't they? You excelled as always.
Shelley said…
Beautiful composition and i love the sweet expression you captured on this sweet pup's face!
NatureFootstep said…
I understand you like this photo. It is a great portrait. :)
Kerri said…
A Beautiful doggie!!

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