Fix-it Friday

I loved the photo for today’s Fix-it Friday over at I ♥ Faces and thought I would try out some of the editing techniques I have been learning.  The subject is adorable with her braids and bows, and really all I felt it needed was some sharpening and a slight bit of brightening.
Here’s the original:
I opened the photo in PSE 8 and first created a duplicate layer.  To make the photo a bit sharper, I used the High Pass filter at 1.4 pixels which highlights the edges in the photo while leaving the skin and background soft.  I changed the blending mode to Hard Light.  Pleased with that result, I flattened the image.  Then I decided to try a black and white conversion.  This is the sharpened photo using Urban/Snapshots conversion.
amy's daughter fix 
Oh, those eyes!  I have a soft spot for brown eyes.  My youngest son’s eyes are deep brown like this, too.  They melt me every time.  So I started thinking it would be fun to add a quote about a child’s eyes.  I just created a text box, typed in the quote, and flattened the image again.  Then I cropped it just a bit.  Here’s my final edit:
amy's daughter fixfinal
That was fun!  I finally feel like I’m getting a handle on Elements.  It’s really gratifying to take a good photo and make it great. 



Jessica said…
That's so cute! You did well! When I can come over so you can teach me your skills!!
Teresa said…
Nice fixes..the BW one is gorgeous. I love the quote you added as well!
Hannah M said…
Oh, lovely edits, dear! I love the black and white, and the quote you added fits so well;)
Alex and Emily said…
Nice work! I really enjoyed reading your process b/c I'm new at Elements and practicing a ton!
Jennifer Norch said…
A fellow Buckeye! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Very beautiful b&w. The quote is really nice too.
Cheryle said…
Beautiful edits! I really love the BW one and the quote is perfect on the other one!
I need you to come and give me lessons! She is a beauty! Your fixes are perfect!
Kerri said…
WOW - you did GREAT with this!!!! Excellent images!
Kelly said…
Wow!!! The difference is amazing...those eyes! I wish I were a bit more technical with the photo packages. I've got to try it one of these days.
Hi Adrienne, I have PSE 8 also ---but haven't played around with it like you did. You did GREAT---and the 3rd picture is MUCH better than the 1st one... I love the way you lightened her face.... GREAT!!! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Really, really, REALLY great edits, Adrienne! I love the B/W, but I think I like the quote the best. Hard to decide between two perfectly wonderful choices!
T3R3SA said…
Love what you did by adding the quote!
T3R3SA said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Valerie said…
I've been neglecting all my visiting of late - with school starting. So glad I dropped by today. Loved seeing the Girls emerging in your previous posts, and this little sweetie you did great with! Especially love the quote!
Linda said…
What lovely effects. I'm completely ignorant of all of this, so it's so interesting to read about the various techniques.
Hi Adrienne. What a beauty she is. You did a wonderful job getting it just perfect. I do not think I will ever figure out all of this camera stuff. LOL!
BTW, I have your Blue Ice Petunia seeds ready so if you would drop me an email of your address I will mail them out.
Anonymous said…
Awesome series!! Which version of elements do you have?
Courage said…
Adrienne, I love your work! You are on your way, girl! :)
It looks like I'm caught up. You have a gift! I love your photos!

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