Dogbane Beetle

I’ve been trying to take a short walk in the neighborhood each day.  Ten to twenty minutes of fresh air is very rejuvenating. Megan and Ethan came along on the last one.  And while I was photographing a damselfly, Megan announced she had found a shiny metallic bug.  “And it’s not a Japanese beetle, either!” she said.
red and green beetle photo by Adrienne Zwart
We have lots of dogbane, which is a member of the milkweed family, growing down by our fence.  (Not on purpose, it’s just a hard weed to eradicate.) This is the first time I’ve actually seen the beetle.    It’s pretty, don’t you think?


The leaf pictured here is actually a blade of tall grass that was just a few feet away from the dogbane plant.
Denise said…
It truly is beautiful Adrienne. Your macro photography is superb.
An English Girl Rambles
Snap said…
Wonderful shot ... sure is iridescent ... handsome, isn't he/she?!!!!!
Wow Adrienne. Simply stunning. So glad you can get some fresh air. Praying for you.
JKoenig said…
It almost looks like a Christmas ornament with that red and green shine! Very pretty.

I couldn't comment on your other blog, but just wanted you to know I understand the feeling, having just gone through home health care and hospice care with both of my parents. I hope as things get coordinated, it will be a help to you all without adding more stress.

You are in my prayers.
Kelly said…
...beautiful....he really is metallic looking!
That is a colorful little bug, Adrienne.... We have those nasty Japanese Beetles ---which eat our roses, so I'm not fond of them... But this little guy will be my friend since he's so pretty IF he stays away from our Roses... ha

Anonymous said…
I have a couple of volunteer milkweed plants for monarch butterflies but none of these. It looks like a Japanese Beetle to me.
Abe, it's exoskeleton must be made of the same proteins. These are long and narrow compared to Japanese beetles which are more flat and round in shape.
Judy said…
It is such a pretty little beetle! I hope it eats the dogbane, and other weeds, rather than the flowers that take so much work!
Judy, it feeds solely on dogbane. Isn't that a relief?
What a pretty beetle Adrienne. I have never saw one. I like the metallic look and the emerald green head.
EG Wow said…
Yes. it IS a very pretty beetle. We have tons of dogbane around here but I have NEVER seen this beetle. I will bow be watching for it, though. :)
Adam said…
Great capture
Misty Dawn said…
Gorgeous shot! You captured this perfectly... the metalic body, the colors and shimmer... perfect!
Kerri said…
This is super! I see these guys all over - but I never knew what they were! Great catch!

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