echinacea photo by Adrienne in OHio
Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)


I love coneflowers, Adrienne... The purple ones are SO pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Have a good weekend.
This is just the most lovely image I have seen all week. Stunning.
JKoenig said…
I like how you composed your picture.....very pretty!

By the way....I'm actually able to send you a comment. Yeh!
JimB said…
Nice macro shot of one of my favorite flowers.

I have decided these are one of my favorite flowers. I am tickled some have seeded themselves around, and I plan on having larger swaths of them.

I love your photo.
Anonymous said…
So beautiful. Great detail. I love the color.
Kerri said…
Oh I think this is one of your best images! LOVE the composition and the bokeh! GORGEOUS!!!!
Misty Dawn said…
I love this flower AND this image! Absolutely beautiful work, my friend!

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