Dragonfly at Rest

I took my little point and shoot camera along as I weeded in the flowerbed yesterday.  That’s because if I take the “big” camera out, I never get any work done. ;) 

This is not the greatest photo to show you the dragonfly’s H-shaped wings, but you can at least tell that the wings stick out horizontally from its body. If you go back and compare with the damselfly photo, you will be well on your way to telling the difference between dragonflies and damselflies. And, Kaishon, you are correct.  Dragonflies and damselflies have four wings: a pair of forewings, and a pair of hindwings.  Since the wings are transparent, it’s a little hard to see all four from this view.

I am not certain what species this is.  They are very common in our yard, though.  I am going to check out several dragonfly field guides at the library this week.  (I always do that before I buy a new field guide, so I am sure to get the one I think is most helpful. You can see which dragonfly field guides I liked here.)
dragonfly resting on dead daisy
For some of my new readers who are enjoying the latest bug posts:  Kaishon, Naji, Alex, Hannah, Noah, and Cameron—hope you are admiring lots of cool bugs around outside that you never noticed before.  And, of course, for Misty, who is rather fond of dragonflies. :)


Oh my heart Adrienne! Kaishon and Naji were SOOOOOOOOO excited to see their names in print. They made me print the post and by accident I printed more than one so I have 34 pages of your blog printed out :)
How super is that.

We love you. And we ADORE this picture!
You have some nice insects in your area. I look at several guides before I buy one, too. Sometimes I end up with more than one.
Judy said…
Even the seedhead of the flower is beautiful!!
Nikki-ann said…
A wonderful shot!
Fantastic macro. He is a little cutie. Look at that face... I've never seen one so close up and this is just a treat.
Super composition. FAB.
That is a great picture of the Dragonfly, Adrienne... Their wings are totally awesome--and you captured them perfectly... Thanks!!!!
Kerri said…
Super! I think these creatures are AMAZING!
Shelley said…
Great shot - love the contrast w/ the dried flower!
Misty Dawn said…
Beautiful image, my friend! Hey, if you don't mind, let me know which field guide you decide on. As you know, I'm looking to get some reference books also.
This is gorgeous Adrienne!
My guess is that you might have a female Blue Dasher.
That obelisk pose is so typical of them, and the males often have that same brown tint the base of the wings. Females are pretty non-descript, but drabber versions of the male shape.
You're finding some very nice things in your garden!

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