Green Malachite – Camera Critters

green butterfly camouflage with fern
I almost didn’t see this little green malachite butterfly.  I was photographing an unfurling frond of this fern when my daughter pointed him out.   His camouflage blends in rather nicely.


deejbrown said…
I love that your daughter spotted this lovely creature! Beautiful!
I can see why you almost missed, glad she spotted it, wonderful photo, love the greens.
Snap said…
Beautiful! Mother Nature knows how to do things! Thanks to your daughter.
Wow--he is gorgeous, Adrienne.. AND--he blends in so well to that fern. Beautiful picture... Isn't it amazing what we see when we are really looking!!!!!
marci said…
Hi Adrienne,

Been without a computer....a bad virus. :( Lost everything, including my email addresses. Would you send me an email with your address? I hope you are well,

Tami said…
Hello little fluttery friend.
How cool! I wonder what kind this is and if it's found near me. I've never seen one in my area before.
Carol said…
The ferns are beautiful and the butterfly even more so.
Anita Johnson said…
What a beautiful photo, I like the whole setting! I think we sometimes crop too closely and miss out on the bigger picture...this is beautiful!
How pretty is that bokeh? : )
Misty Dawn said…
What a neat butterfly! I wonder what species it is, because I don't know that I've ever seen a green one before!
Kerri said…
WOW ~ Super capture! Kudos to your daughter for spotting him!!

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