More from Fort DeSoto

All right, sticking with the Florida theme this week.  These are my favorite photos from the whole vacation.  First, for Skywatch Friday, a view of the Ft. DeSoto fishing pier. West Central Floridians are evidently proud to have been near the site where Hernando DeSoto landed to begin his expedition in the New World. There are monuments and all kinds of things named after him in and around Tampa.
deSoto Pier photo by Adrienne Zwart

More shots from Ft. DeSoto:

boys fort desoto
Don’t you just love those tie dyed shirts?  Made by my talented blogger friend Margaret, these shirts were among the boys most favorite Christmas presents.  I told her the boys’ favorite colors, and she designed the shirts just for them.  Check out her Etsy shop Splendid Little Stars to see some of her other fantastic creations.


I was looking at your lovely photograph of the fishing pier, and the wonderful way you framed it with the vegetation in the foreground and on the sides. It reminds me of lazy days at the beach in Naples, Florida when my parents lived there.
Then I scrolled down to see your lovely daughter.
Then surprise! I was so excited to see the boys in their tie dye shirts! That means a lot to me--to see them on!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
♥ Margaret
Dot O said…
Great photos, Adrienne! Love the layout of that pier shot - just gorgeous. Your kids are beautiful and your daughter is the spitting image of your husband. Love the tie-dye too - so very retro!!!
Rune said…
Great photos :) Happy SkyWatch!
Those shirts are great! Margaret does great work :)
eileeninmd said…
Great shots! Wonderful photo and acenery with the fishing pier.
Bill S. said…
I love the picture with the contrasting blue sky and blue sea. Great pictures.
Sandybee said…
Hello. I came via I Heart Faces. I love each and every one of the edits of your family done by the contributors on the I Heart Faces website tonight. Of course, they had good material to start with. You have a terrific looking family. I'm sending virtual hugs your way.
Wow Adrienne, that first picture at the pier is gorgeous... Love the skies and the glistening water. Beautiful...

Love the tie-dyed shirts also. All three of your kids are so good-looking.

Hope you are doing okay.
Hugs and Prayers,
Beth said…
Beautiful photos!
Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for your family today. God bless and keep you!
Drew said…
Hi, Adrienne! You got some gorgeous pictures in Florida. I hope you handed the camera over to someone so you could get in some of the pictures. :) I'm sorry I couldn't get together with you last night. Now I'm wishing I had just chucked it all and gone. College can wait, right? :) I'm glad you got to spend time with friends and try to have a break from everything. I'm praying for you!
Carletta said…
What a lovely family!
It's wonderful to know you had a great time. I loved the pirate story. I think Jeff should have at least walked by and went Ar-ghhh - I bet it would have been the highlight of that little girl's trip.
Cheryle said…
You have such a beautiful family and you take amazing pictures! I want to thank you for your comment on the picture I edited for I Heart Faces fix-it Friday. I feel honored. Your story touched my heart and I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
ps I loved reading the pirate story!!
I love your pictures of your trip! Look at those sweet faces. And you are so right, those shirts are the BEST! You have a great family!
Linda said…
Hello Adrienne. These are beautiful tranquil skies. I hope you and your family are feeling refreshed after your holiday. I am thinking of you all.

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