I Heart Faces Pets

…or other animals. 
This is a photo from last spring in the Rockies.  It’s a mule deer from a herd that crossed right in front of our SUV.  They are shorter and shaggier than the whitetail deer that are native to my Ohio. 
mule deer



Misty Dawn said…
Adrienne! This is AWESOME. What a fantastic photo - I LOVE it!
You did get an awesome picture of the deer, Adrienne. Gorgeous!!! And I LOVE that snow!!!!

Kelly said…
...I love that beautiful shaggy coat and those very long bunny ears! What a beautiful photo!!
Larry said…
A healthy looking deer with that coat.Excellent photo! We don't have mule deer around our parts but I still enjoy seeing the white-tails even though there are so many of them now.
Shelley said…
What a great snowy photo! he kind of reminds me of a cute donkey! (duh! That must be why they call him a "mule" deer.....silly me!!)
Dot O said…
I've never seen or heard of this variety of deer. How beautiful.... and oh so hairy!!!

Love the serenity of this photo. I can't believe we are dealing with snow already. Where did our summer go???
What a beautiful shot. They need that shagging coat in all of that snow. Its pretty but Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
deejbrown said…
Oh...that deer looks cold. But it reminds me of the tenacity of life.
Valerie said…
Love the ears! Love the look as it stares at you! and I love the shaggy winter coat! Beautiful photo! I want to go back to the Rockies so badly!
My parents drove us out there in about 1980. Such beauty!
amatamari© said…
I love this picture: thanks!
I love this photo--the light, the deer, the snow! so beautiful!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
It is a cute shaggy critter!
Wow. This is beautiful! I have never seen anything like it.
Coy said…
What big ears! Being acustomed to whitetails all of my life those ears look totally out of place.

Beautiful photo!
fickleinpink said…
great capture, adrienne!
have a great weekend!
Come watch the sky with me!
Happy Weekend ahead!


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