fox squirrel photo by Adrienne Zwart
So much for our squirrel-proof feeder. It was one of those spring-loaded models that would close down over its hoppers if too much weight sat on one of the perches. It never completely deterred them—our backyard squirrels had figured out a way to grip the deck railing with their back feet so that their complete body weight was not resting on the perches.  In this way, they could nibble a bit.  More often they scooped seed out with their noses and then ran down the steps to eat what had spilled onto the patio below.squirrels2
Yesterday, however, more than one of them must have tried to sit on the feeder. I looked out the kitchen window to see that the feeder was hanging precariously from the end of the very stretched out spring mechanism.  I have repaired it a couple of times now, but this time the spring itself was completely stretched.  I guess I’m in the market for a new feeder. 
squirrels defeat squirrel-proof feeder  
I do like squirrels, but they have their own feeder, and I really would like to find one that was squirrel-proof.  Our nature shop carries the kind that spin when something heavy sits on them.  But I don’t want to send the squirrels flying to their deaths. What to do?  If any of you have had success with a particular feeder in this situation, I’d love to read your suggestions. 


Adrienne: I had one that hung from a steel rope and the squirrels would jump from the deck onto it. The hanger rope was not attached to well so they finally broke it. It took a major repair to fix it. That type you have was supposed to be the best. I now have "critter feeders" and anyone can eat.
eileeninmd said…
Great shots of the squirrels. I have not seen a feeder yet that is squirrel proof.
Snap said…

Great shots and finding a squirrel proof feeder is a real chore. They are smart little stinkers.
storyteller said…
Good luck finding a squirrel proof feeder! They're cute but persistent aren't they? Love the cute photos and the wonderful photo in your header too. Thanks for visiting Small Reflections.
Hugs and blessings,
Carol said…
Look at the one my Painted Bunting is sitting on..(blog) Not only is it squirrel proof..but it's a blast to watch them. I think I have a short video on it under "May". "Squirrel Feeder? I don't think so." It has to hang so they cant jump to it but come down from the top..then they skate right off.

Anonymous said…
I did have one of those that worked but it was hanging from a metal pipe and to get to it they had to climb the pipe come over the top or roof and then put their feet on the step that closed the feeder to them and then they fell off. I got tired of it, and ended up putting it in the trash and I think the birds and the squirrels set back and applauded when it disappeared.
I'm not sure there really is a squirrel-proof feeder.. Those are smart critters. One thing which we have done (and so far, has worked) is to hang a tall clothes line from the edge of the house across to one of the deck. The squirrels can't jump up that high --AND they haven't yet tried to walk on that clothes line... SO??? Who knows!!!!

I do think that squirrels are cute--but I cannot stand them.. They (and the chipmunks) drive us crazy!!!! ha

How's hubby?
i beati said…
loved these candid shots sandy
Carletta said…
Really great shots!
My squirrels figured out how to distributing their weight around the feeder.
They spill a lot so I think I'll just put some on the ground as well and maybe if it's easy to get they'll leave the feeder for the birds. :)
Kelly said…
Haha...that first photo cracks me up (and the thought of a squirrel proof feeder does too--how wonderful would that be!!). I love my little squirrels, but sometimes...they are just pigs!
Smalltown RN said…
Funny I had just posted on another blog about how I don't see squirrels much where I live as nature takes care of that i.e. eagles, hawks...no little critters like that around here. But yesterday when I was in Victoria and I went for a run in a park what should I see but grey squirrels they are cute...but can be pesky....

Have a great day!
Carolyn Ford said…
Way too cute! You captured the frisky nature of squirrels! Love it!
Looks like you have a few very intelligent squirrels in your yard. I wonder if you'll ever outwith them. LOL
Valerie said…
Good to 'hear' your voice again! Still praying for you all.
We have a squirrel proof feeder, that the squirrels now crawl inside of along with the chipmunks (I just posted a new header with a chipmunk coming out of the feeder with his mouth full). They have even chewed thru the metal and created a hole in the side. I think it is a losing battle! It does create some great photo opps though! Your pictures ring a bell with me! But, I have decided for this winter to just keep the feeders further away from the house.
Willard said…
A good post on the squirrel. I especially like the first photo!
Karen Anne said…
I use pie plates in the deck as feeders, two filled with bird seed, one with shelled unsalted peanuts and I also have a pile of peanuts or other nuts in the shell. Everybody shares - birds, squirrels, groundhog in the daytime, skunk, opossum, raccoons at night.
Karen Anne said…
p.s. the pie plates are heavy glass ones.
We love Luna said…
oh girl, I do love squirrels! Your pictures and post are outstanding!
Happy camera critters
I love your blog!
Luna - We love Luna
First, the photos are adorable (especially the first one). I love squirrels!
I have some flat (they look like a dish with sides) hanging feeders that the squirrels like to sit in. I also put some sunflower seeds on the ground for them. I have two hanging tube feeders which hang from shepherds hooks. The squirrels don't bother them, because they have enough food in the other places that are easier to get to. Hope that helps. Good luck. Thanks for not buying the feeders that could cause harm to them, that's really nice of you!
We have a feeder like that, and last year it was hung where squirrels couldn't stand on anything to reach it. Larry just put food in the feeders today, and I forgot to look to see if he put some in that one. Their antics did make for some cool photos!
Misty Dawn said…
I LOVE the look on the squirrel's face in that first shot!!! It's like "Exactly WHO do you think you were fooling, Lady?"

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