Hairy Woodpecker

hairy woodpecker photo by Adrienne Zwart


Kelly said…
...the fall color in the background really makes for a lovely photo of the Hairy. I always love it when a Hairy drops by!
What a lovely Fall picture Adrienne. They are such a pretty bird with their black and white feathers.
Beautiful, Adrienne. I have never seen a Hairy before. We have Downy's --but they are smaller.

Great picture.
Betsy--on my way home (on my laptop)
SaraG said…
Beautiful photo's from you this past week! Sorry I have been behind in commenting. Been sick with the flu that is going around.
Take care!!
Anonymous said…
It is a monster. lol. I have them sometimes but not often and none this year. I like your photography. And I am able to see what is in my folders on my computer. It shows an image.
Adrienne: Neat capture of the woodpecker on the tree.
Anonymous said…
Amazing photo! I don't believe I've ever seen one of those. We have Downy and Red bellied here.
amatamari© said…
I really like the woodpecker and the photo is so beautiful!
Carly said…
Neat shot! I love the beautiful colors in the background! I grew up in Ohio, and really enjoyed all of the pictures on your site, especially hiking on your favorite things!
Coy said…
Nice capture Adrienne.

I see lots and lots of downies around my area but very few hairies. The colorful foliage makes for a beautiful background.

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