What’s Blooming?

The Shasta Daisies have been trimmed back to reveal leaf junctions with buds. We should have another flush of blooms in about a week. Some of the stems had gotten so leggy, that I actually pruned those all the way to the ground where there are new leaves coming up. I suppose that is caused by the varying degrees of light throughout the garden. Where there is full sun, the plant foliage stays thick and more compact. Where there is partial shade, the plants stretch and eventually fall over from the weight of the blooms.
purple coneflower photo by Adrienne in Ohio
While we’re waiting for the daisies to give a repeat performance, the Black-eyed Susans, Gloriosa Daisies and Purple Coneflowers just keep putting out more blooms. There are other perennials in this garden as well. A Russian Sage is blooming, though not as profusely as in my front yard garden where it gets full sun all day. There is Blue Flax, which I just learned today can be pruned back after blooming to encourage a second flush of blooms. Not sure if I should try that now so late in the season. With still a bloom here and there, they have mostly gone to seed. (These plants are so light and airy that I don’t bother thinning them out or dead-heading to prevent them from re-seeding. I like the way they fill in the spaces between the other plants.)
Let’s see…Oh, yes! There’s the giant Lobelia over by the creek. I had Ethan stand next to them so you could get an idea of their height. (He’s 44 inches tall.)
giant lobelia photo by Adrienne in Ohio
Another plant that the bees and butterflies are going crazy for is this Obedient Plant. My neighbor gave me about five 6” starts last spring and this is what they look like now!
obedient plant photo by Adrienne in Ohio
In the rain garden, the lizard-tail have finished up. (I did dead-head those, because they are spreading like mad, mostly from rhizomes, but I don’t need any more starting other places from seeds!) The Cardinal Flower is lovely this year as well as the Clethera “Ruby Spice.” The Forget-Me-Nots are filling in along the edge very nicely.
forget-me-not photo by Adrienne Zwart
Well, that’s enough for today. There’s enough flowers to fill another post, so I’ll save those for later this week.


Valerie said…
How cool that you still have forget me nots. Ours are one of the first things to bloom in my garden in spring. I love them because they supply a lot of color and keep other weeds at bay until we plant the annuals. When they go to seed, we pull them up(probably why I don't have any now), we shake the seeds all over the beds, and compost the dried up plants. Then they are gone until next spring when they bloom again! Isn't it sad when the coneflowers start losing their vibrancy. Although I have noticed the little yellow birds are starting to land on them and pull out the seeds. Another part of the circle of life I suppose!
Beautiful Adrienne.... That picture of Ethan is precious. AND the Lobelia is HUGE....

Your flowers are just gorgeous. Keep those pictures coming.
Kelly said…
Such beautiful flowers and you are so knowledgeable about your flowers! The forget-me-nots are so cute. I love those little blue flowers. It sounds like your garden is lush and gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful flowers and an adorable photo of Ethan!
Those are giant Lobelia plants and just so pretty. Such a sweet picture. Ethan looks like the plant may gobble him up.
I love blue flowers and it is wonderful that you have forget me nots at this time of the year. Maybe because we have had such crazy cool weather at times.
Well, those flowers are very pretty. But my favorite thing in the pictures is Ethan! He is so adorable : ) I love children! I bet yours are especially good. I can just tell : )
Linda said…
Ethan doesn't look too sure about that lobelia - I wonder what he thinks it might do?

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