female ruby-throated hummingbird photo by Adrienne in Ohio


Kelly said…
Funny....I just posted on hummers too! I can't get enough of these birds. The way the fly around fighting with each other and squeaking and squawking is always entertaining. They are so beautiful when the sun hits their feathers. Love you little guy!!!
Sara G said…
Beautiful hummingbird photo!! I am starting to see more of them at home since it has warmed up some! They are so much fun to watch.
Adrienne, That is a great picture of the hummingbird. We have a few around here--but not too many this year. I still haven't gotten a picture of any of ours.

Anya said…
Lovely shot from the flowers,
so fresh colors :)
I have pink hummingbirds in my garden !!
Anonymous said…
I love this photo! Do you have any hummingbirds with "ruby throats"? They are the only kind we have here in our area, but none of ours have any red.
janice said…
WOW, what a great capture! Well done!

Have a blessed Sunday!
drewmark19 said…
I have a stinkin' hummingbird feeder and haven't managed to see one yet this summer. I'm so jealous. This is a beautiful capture. Couldn't have been easy to get this busy bird on camera.

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