More from Presque Isle

This was such a lovely place for Jeff and I to spend last Wednesday afternoon.  To temporarily forget about cancer, about side effects, about insurance hassles, about the future. 
  wild roses photo by Adrienne Zwart
I know I’m supposed to give those worries over to the Father anyway.  It’s too much weight, and He wants to carry it.  So why do I allow Satan to tempt me to try carrying it alone again?  I honestly do not know.  He knows it’s my weakness, I guess.  This wondering, trying to figure out how I’m going to manage.  Nagging thoughts that start with “What if…?”
So away from the ringing of the telephone, from the bustle of the workplace, from the responsibility of a house full of waiting chores we came to this beautiful place and found rest.
lake erie at Presque Isle photo by Adrienne Zwart
We looked out over the lake and God whispered to my spirit, “You can’t see the other side of it, but I can.”  The horizon offered one of those natural object lessons that teaches such wonderful truth:  there is so much peace in knowing that even though I have no idea how this will all turn out, my God does. 
And He doesn’t just know, He’s got it worked out so that it fits beautifully into His master plan.  The bigger picture.
God’s good like that.


Kelly said… brought tears to my eyes. It's good you went there and felt God's love.
drewmark19 said…
That is so beautifully stated. I love the realization you had about God being able to see way beyond what we can see. It is wonderful that you and Jeff were able to take a moment away from the stress that you are dealing with.
Anonymous said…
Your getting away is good. I hope you are able to look beyond today and enjoy tomorrow as well.

Thanks for the comments on my blogs. I am glad you visited Pick a Peck of Pixels as that will be my best blog and you have already become part of it. I appreciate anything you can do to help it become part of history. A link in the side bar, or just mention it to your friends.

Pick a Peck of Pixels
Kerri said…
Such a beautiful post!
I'm so sorry Adrienne, but don't beat yourself up over your feelings. Afterall, you are HUMAN. God knows that---and knows that all of us humans have our own feelings (which are strong). I don't think it's the devil working in you... You are just a human being with all of your weakness. You want your hubby's pain and situation to go away --and it hasn't. It's okay to feel bad about that. In fact, God would tell you that you are human and that he understands... Our God is loving --and will help us in every way possible. BUT--life is hard at times and BECAUSE we are human and not divine, we do have trouble grasping with our situations.

I don't know if what I'm saying is helping you. BUT--just quit beating yourself up over this. God loves you and God understands what you are going through.

Many HUGS,
Guilherme B.R. said…
This beautiful flower, that delicacy!
Your photos are very beautiful and
GBR, I admit I had to research the meaning of "Armonie." "A priceless gift from the Heavens" is a perfect description of this moment! Thank you. :)
Linda said…
Glad you found some balm for the soul.
deejbrown said…
Er...sorry for my dullness...I did not know about this burden you & Jeff are carrying. Please know one more blogger is holding you in the Light.
theArthurClan said…
You have such a beautiful spirit Adrienne...I am glad this place refreshed your spirit for you. Beautiful.

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