Lake Erie - Skywatch Friday

Jeff and I have ended up with some unexpected free time due to his relapse. The kids are still at camp, and since he didn't start treatment till today, we decided to go hiking yesterday. After spending the morning at a local trail, we drove up to Presque Isle State Park in Pennsylvania. We walked along the beach, saw some lighthouses and walked a trail. Very relaxing and fun. This view is looking west out over Lake Erie.

lake erie at presque isle

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Guy D said…
Absolutely lovely photo, well done.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures
Carletta said…
Lovely vista!
Serene and peaceful.

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.
Sara G said…
beautiful photo!
happy swf
TCKK said…
That is so beautiful!! Skies were pretty gray when we were there a couple weeks ago. Your's are beautiful.
Guilherme B.R. said…
Beautiful! Beautifful!
Hi Adrienne, Sorry to hear about Jeff. What is wrong? (Maybe I missed a post about him...???)

Anyhow---you did go to a gorgeous place today. That photo is amazing.. Hope you will feature more. I love lighthouses.

Looks like a beautiful day. My thoughts are with you.
Enigma said…
I am hoping the spectacular day at the lake helped you cope with the troubles you face. A beautiful photo. Thank you for sharing!
Kelly said…
...beautiful sky....and ocean...and beach. I was thinking the same thing as Enigma...nature is so soothing. Hope the treatments for your husband go well.
Adrienne: That is a neat place to visit and capture skies. I wish Jeff the best with his health.
theArthurClan said…
Absolutely breathtaking Adrienne. I'm glad that you two had this time to spend with one another.
Tami said…
Presque Isle is my favorite 'close by' picnic spot!
So pretty. I want to go.
Kerri said…
WOW! What a peaceful setting! Gorgeous!

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