Camera Critters - Green Bee

My husband had to take some time off work for medical tests this week. I figured it might be nice to go for a walk at the park and practice photography for awhile to take our minds off the waiting on Friday. I was dying to go back to the prairie conservation area to watch the bluebirds anyway.

We did see lots of birds, flowers, and insects. We really enjoyed our leisurely walk. I saw this green bee enjoying a sunflower. (I'm not really sure what species of Arnica this is. Any thoughts on the ID from wildflower enthusiasts?)

metallic green bee on sunflower - photo by adrienne Zwart

Metallic Green Bee (Agapostemon genus)

These green bees aren't as numerous as some of the other bee species around here. But I think they are still fairly common. I always enjoy the way the sun shimmers on their bright green backs.

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Anya said…
Puurfect shot :)
Its a BEAUTY !!
Kelly said…
Wow! I've never seen a bee that shade of green. He looks like he rolled around in lime paint. He's gorgeous. I don't usually study bees up close, so maybe I've seen one from a distance and didn't know. I'm certainly going to study them now. It was nice you were able to get out with your husband for a nice walk.
Adrienne: Now that is a new one on me, a green metallic bee. Very nice photo.
Carletta said…
He sure looks good contrasted with the flower and he matches the background. :)
A super macro!
Snap said…
Wow! Look at him shimmer! I haven't seen a bee like him before. Too cool!
TCKK said…
Wow! I've never seen a green bee before. Didn't know there was such a thing. But he's really pretty!
Sue said…
Beautiful bee. Love the green color.
AL said…
Hello Adrienne thanks for leaving a comment about the cat.

You got nice photos here, and a green bee?

Anonymous said…
This is a nice photo. I have the same kind of bees here, from time to time. I like to see them as well as their cousins, the green bottle and blue bottle flies --- they all sparkle like gemstones in the garden sunshine.

54th Wedding Anniversary Today
Anya said…
Hi Adrienne

You can copy it from my blog,
no problem ^__^

Have a nice sunday

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)
drewmark19 said…
I never even knew there was such a thing as a green bee, and they're common around here? I'm such a bad nature gal. :)
Willard said…
Hi Adrienne,

I don't know what species either the bee or the flower is, but it is a beautiful photo.

I have been neglecting that type of photography, but I made up for it this morning by photographing some similar subject. Thanks for posting such an appealing photo.
Kerri said…
I don't think I've ever seen a green bee before. He was certainly color coordinated with that beautiful flower!
Great shot!
Tami said…
Love the green bee shot!


PS...Hello by the way...I'm your blog you'll see me back here.

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