Camera Critters - Bathing Blue Jay

On one of our hikes this week, my husband and I came across a quiet, sun-lit pool in which a blue jay was enjoying a morning bath.

bathing blue jay photo by Adrienne in OHio

bathing blue jay

bathing blue jay photo by Adrienne in OHio

When it had finished, the blue jay hopped up on that fallen log right in the patch of sunshine. It looked as though he were posing in a spotlight for us.

blue jay on a log over a creek - photo by Adrienne Zwart

My blogging friend Anya made this cute badge for her Camera Critters posts. Thanks to Misty Dawn, creator of Camera Critters, for hosting the meme that keeps me motivated to update this blog regularly!


Anya said…
Fantastic shot from the bleu jay :)
All shots are beautiful !!

ps: I did not create this badge,
I had also make a copy from a blogger ;)

Have a great weekend :)
Faye Pekas said…
What great captures and story. Going through his morning bathing ritual and allowing you to watch. Obliging jay :)

My camera critter is here today
Sue said…
What a beautiful bird! Happy weekend, and thanks for stopping by :)
Andrienne: That is a wonderful nature capture of the Bluejay.
What fantastic shots! I have a hard time getting pictures of them here.It is really liking that bath.I want the old log ;-)
theArthurClan said…
Beautiful shots Adrienne. It's so fun that you happened upon that spot right at that time to catch a cute moment. :)
Anonymous said…
Such a pretty spot and a wonderful bonus to see the blue jay taking a dip in the water. great post!
Cute Camera Critter, Adrienne... Love the Bluejay--and he seemed to pose for the camera.

Have a great Sunday.
SquirrelQueen said…
What a wonderful group of photos, the Blue jay does seem to be posing for your camera. Great capture.

Have a great weekend,
Coy said…
Your Bluejay is making quite a splash, great choice for Camera Critters!

Thanks for the information on the Monarch migration. I have noticed that the overall butterfly population seems to be quite low so far this year. My guess is that the cool wet spring & summer has had a negative effect.
Anonymous said…
They do take baths but I have never seen one in any of my baths or water bowls. I wonder why? I guess it doesn't seem natural enough to them. But all the other birds bathe in them.

Nice post. I really enjoyed the pictures.

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Misty Dawn said…
Love this post Adrienne! You got some fantastic photos of 'bathtime' hehe
Jedediah said…
Lovely photos of a gorgeus birds. He did know how to pose :)

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Willard said…
Adrienne, A beautiful bird, in a beautiful setting. Well done!
Your little bird is cute, cute, cute : ). Such a fun picture. Of course he was posing. He knew you are a super star photographer.
Kerri said…
What a lovely bathing beauty!
Aly Beth said…
Those were amazing shots!
That bird is incredible!

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