Skywatch Friday - Missing in Action

I've been MIA from the blogosphere for a few days. Between hubby's gall bladder surgery and the kids' baseball tournaments, I've been doing double-duty parenting this week.

I'm happy to report that the flowerbeds are all weeded and mulched now, the yard is mowed, the laundry is done, the house is clean, and baseball is officially over for the season!

Henry's team made it to the semi-finals and he was so proud. They got third place, but as you can tell from his smile, he thought that was really good. Their team started out average at best and improved throughout the season to emerge as one of the top three teams. Henry himself went from striking out every turn at bat, to hitting line drives and doubles almost every time. He was so proud of his progress, and so are we!


Happy Skywatch Friday everybody! (To view more skies from around the world, visit Skywatch Friday here.)


Kelly said…
...great sky seeing that happy, smiling face in front of it!

(You sound overloaded. I don't think if all that was going on with me my house would be clean...or my garden weeded....or anything else! Hope your hubby's recovery is short.)
Hi Adrienne, Hope your hubby is doing okay --after his surgery. My hubby had hernia repair surgery last August--and did fine. BUT--our men do need us at times like that, don't they???

Congrats to your son (what a cutie pie) for 3rd place. That is VERY good.

Shellmo said…
Love the smile on Henry's face - such a sweet photo!!
Hope your hubby feels better soon - did he have his gall bladder removed? I had mine out last year so I sympathize w/ him. Tell sleeping at 180 degree angles helps immensely w/ the pain - LOL!!
Anonymous said…
A beautiful portrait of Henry. Such a dignified name with a neat smile.

The chickadee was from last year. We have none this year, so far.
Wanda said…
I came over from Barb's@Live and Learn...I live in SW Ohio and post photos of similar things...birds, fawns, grandchildren, and life!
Enjoyed my time here!
Will be back for sure!
Anonymous said…
He's so cute - the perfect view in front of the sky.
T and S said…
Cute shot of Henry. Its always nice to see a smiling pose.

Pl. take a moment to vote for us at "The Great Driving Challenge". Appreciate your support...Thomas
fishing guy said…
Andrienne: Great photo of your son, I do hope your hubby is completely better.
Michele said…
He's a handsome young lad and a beautiful smile.
It sounds as if you have been quite busy indeed! Whew!
I hope all goes well and things keep improving and you will get the rest you need.

Thanks for dropping by.
theArthurClan said…
I hope that Jeff is doing well sounds like you've had a busy week.

I love, love, LOVE the look on Henry's face. He looks so proud of himself! :)

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