I ♥ Faces - Birthday and More

This week, the contest at I ♥ Faces involves birthday photos. Well, since my photos are arranged by date on my hard drive, finding the birthday pics was easy.

Ethan turned five this year which, in our family, means a party with friends. He wanted to go bowling, so I contacted our local bowling alley. They were wonderful to us. We had two lanes reserved and when they saw how many parents were staying, the manager gave us another lane to use. We had the back corner all to ourselves complete with table, chairs and decorations. Throw in a couple of pizzas and cupcakes shaped like bowling pins and bowling balls, and you've got yourself a party! (Because of the contest rules, I can only post one photo for each category. So click here if you want to see a pic of the cupcakes.)


I ♥ Faces is also featuring a pet category this week. The good news for me is that the animal doesn't actually have to be a pet. We have pets, but the fish just don't really interest me and I have a hard time photographing our black cat. She's so dark that her features don't show up well, and she's very curious about the camera which means I end up with lots of photos of her nose and eyes--up close. ☺ Funny, but not great photo contest material. Our backyard birds provide me endless photo opportunities, so the challenge for me is choosing which photo of them to enter.

red-bellied woodpecker3

I decided on this photo of the red-bellied woodpecker. He's a good hard-working father whose family is nesting somewhere in the woods next to our creek. Each day he comes countless times to grab a quick bite for himself then fill his beak with suet or seeds to share with his mate and family. It doesn't even bother him to come in the rain as he did here yesterday.

I love his markings, don't you? The female is similar, but her red patch does not extend down the back of her neck like the male's does. I am always drawn to his brown eyes. So many birds have black eyes which seem expressionless to me at times. When I watch this woodpecker, I find myself looking in his eyes trying to guess his thoughts. He's watching me, as well. Does he wonder what I'm thinking?

Well, those are the entries for this week. Would you like to enter, too? There's still a few hours to participate in this week's contest. Check it out at


theArthurClan said…
You are the queen of photographing birds Adrienne. That's a beautiful capture!

I sneaked a peek at your cupcakes...how cool were they? You did a great job on those!
TCKK said…
Great pictures, especially the birthday boy!!!
Rebekah said…
Those are both great pictures!! Love the look on Ethan's face in the first picture. I also like how you can see the rain drops in the 2nd picture!!
Shellmo said…
Ethan is a cutie! Loved that Red bellied photo too - he certainly had a beakful of food!
Wow, that woodpecker is a knock-out! Nice job catching him at work!
Jamie said…
I just don't know how you could decide! You take wonderful picture both of the birds and of the kids (-:
Julie said…
Love the birthday entry!
Alice said…
this is a great picture of your woodpecker and also the one in the next post. i love it. we used to have a whole family that lived in a dead tree here on our property, but they didn't come back this year. great picture. your son's birthday shot is great, too :O). thanks for visiting my page - i appreciate it.
Sharon said…
I love, love, love all of your bird pictures! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. :)
You do have some tremendous nature shots and this woodpecker did not disappoint. I love the blurred snow falling, to add to the mood of the entire image. Nicely done!
we have those same ones in our backyard, but too far for even my zoom to get a good shot. love it!
How cute is Ethan? Absolutely too cute for words : ).

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