Camera Critters - House Finches


Okay, any of you recognize the look in this little bird's eye?

Oh, yes...she's smitten. The object of her affection? A beautiful red-headed specimen with a voice to die for!

At first he flew down to sit opposite her on the railing, and boy was he singing his heart out. (Can't this camera turn on any faster???) By the time my camera was ready, he had flown up to the bird feeder just about a foot away.

house finch photo by Adrienne in Ohio

Watching her intently (with the occasional glance at me to make sure I wasn't moving), he waited for the magic of his song to work its spell.
He is handsome, isn't he! Check out the rest of the photos at this week's Camera Critters , an animal photo sharing meme created by Misty Dawn. (Thanks, Misty!)


Cezar and Léia said…
Hello dear Adrienne!
Fabulous post!Well done!
Have a beautiful Sunday in this lovely place that you live!

(purrs and love from Luna - CameraCritters)
Gorgeous photos of the House Finches, Adrienne. We have them here also---and I enjoy hearing them sing. TOO Cute!!!!

TCKK said…
Isn't true love just grand!!!
Shellmo said…
I can see why she "digs" him - lol!! Cute!!!
Snap said…
I love house finches. Love the photos and the story. She has good taste (as does he)!!!
Willard said…
Beautiful photos, Adrienne.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I left a comment there, but in case you don't revisit the comment page-here is what I wrote:

There is a good possibility that she has given birth. It is common for them to be absent for a few days around birthing time.

I saw a doe on June 1st that had a swollen abdomen. Her flanks were shrunken next day and I have not seen her since. Her fawns from last year are visiting the meadow each day. I would expect that she will start visiting again soon and within 2-3 weeks if not before, she will bring her new fawn or fawns to the meadow.

The fawns from last year should still spend most of the summer traveling with her, except that bucks should disperse this autumn.

Usually when one sees a large herd of deer, one is looking at an extended family group.Although sometimes unrelated groups of deer may combine, in many if not most cases, they are blood relation. The large herds are most often seen during winter and spring.
Anonymous said…
They are great little birds. We have a love sick gold finch who eats, stops, moves over to a perch, sings his heart out, goes back to eating.
theArthurClan said…
So cute - a bird in love! :)
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. You captured a love story : ).
Smitten Birdie!
fishing guy said…
Adrienne: I do love the little finches and the males with their great color.

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