Skywatch Friday - Last Day of School

skywatch tree

To celebrate Ethan's last day of preschool, we decided to invite one of his favorite classmates and her mom to have lunch with us at our local park. Last Wednesday was a beautiful spring day: warm, clear blue sky with a bit of a breeze.

ethan & ml

I enjoyed every minute just watching them run up the hills and all over the playground. The chicken McNuggets got cold, but they had a blast.

zip line

Ethan was so proud to show me that he could do the zip line all by himself. However, he still likes for me to hold the rope and run with him to make it go "super-fast." (Ahh, the pleasure of being wanted!☺)

To view more skies from around the globe, check out SkyWatch Friday.


Lovely kids and great tree what camera are you using
Guy D said…
Fantastic shots Adrienne.

Have a great weekend.
Regina In Pictures
I carry Canon PowerShot SX110 with me at all times, so that's what these are from. (Sometimes I use my husband's digital rebel, but I really like the portability of the PowerShot.)
fishing guy said…
Adrienne: I must say I don't remember those wonderful blue skies. Neat story and it so nice that Ethan has a close friend from pre-school.
Shellmo said…
Love seeing those happy faces! Your son is adorable!
Sanna said…
I love the tree reaching for the sky, cute kids too. =)
Babooshka said…
Almost says the tree of life. A lovely read as well as images for skywatch.
Sally in WA said…
Great pics. I love the smile on Ethan's face. Of course, I always liked the last day of school, too!
Carol said…
These photos are great; and your kids are so darn cute.
Princess Sarah said…
your kids are cute. thanks for the visit, hope to be here again. Have a nice day.
Barb said…
Hi Adrienne,
Ethan is a happy guy! Enjoy your children. The park you visited is beautiful.
drewmark19 said…
Looks like a really fun park! We have a great park near us, but not nearly as packed with fun things (like a zip line) as yours!
Arija said…
Wonderful times ahead during the holidays. Isn't it great to have them at home and enjoying themselves?
Linda said…
Look at these happy faces. Rosy cheeks from all that running around in the fresh air. Enjoy the holidays!

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