Northern Oriole

I made a wonderful discovery this weekend. The orioles I had seen last week have made a nest in one of our beech trees, and I can see where it is. I can't see the opening (or even much of the nest), as it is in a branch that's about 40 feet up. But I watched the female fly in a couple of times. The male is patrolling the yard, chasing away anything that gets too close.

I love the male's striking orange and black markings. And the female is yellow and dusky grey. This is a photo of the male we had last year. I wonder if they could be the same pair.

male oriole photo by Adrienne in Ohio

His song keeps me company as I work in the flower gardens. It is a melodic whistle that makes me wish like anything that I could whistle too. Alas, I have never mastered the skill. So my heart echoes his whistle. I feel so blessed that they chose to nest here, making my backyard even more of a bird-watching paradise.


How wonderful. Isn't he beautiful. I wish there were some near my home. I will keep putting out the oriole nectar and feed and maybe one day one will show up. Wonderful picture Adrienne.
Carol said…
I'll be waiting to see the little ones. He is beautiful.
drewmark19 said…
You captured some beautiful bokeh along with the fantastic bird. I love your writing style. You need to start writing inspiration books. (in your spare time, of course)
Kelly said…! Lucky you to have a nesting pair in your yard! I can't wait to see photos of the babies... For the first time ever, we saw one in our yard this year. I have an oriole feeder out, but he hasn't used it yet. I can be hopeful....

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