Camera Critters - Goldfinch

goldfinch photo by Adrienne Zwart

Isn't he stunning? The goldfinches are all so striking with their summer plumage.
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Anonymous said…
Really a brilliant fellow. Their breeding plumage is elegant I think.
Willard said…
I love the color of these birds. They come to my wife's feeder quite a bit and I enjoy seeing them. You did a good job of capturing this one!
fishing guy said…
Adrienne: That is a wonderful bird to capture, they are so colorful. I'm so happy to here you are sharing your appreciation for nature with your children,
Very stunning!

I played too :)
Snap said…

Just beautiful ... stunning is right!
stunning indeed. :)

happy CC!
You got a terrific shot there! Wonderful!
Sandy Kessler said…
If you only knew how much I miss them Sandy
theArthurClan said…
What a beautiful bright photo. Love this one Adrienne!
drewmark19 said…
Oh, wow! Another beautiful shot. I swear all we get around us are robins. (Not that they're ugly or just would be neat to see a mixture of colors...reds, yellows, blues, etc.)

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