Camera Critters - Cardinal

Keepin' it short & sweet today as I've got three kids at three different fields (all at the same time of course!) I love cardinals, and though there are plenty of them all winter, the males become very territorial during breeding season. So I'm down to one pair to observe right now. I haven't figured out where the cardinals are nesting, but both the male and female are coming to the feeder regularly. Here the male was waiting in the maple tree for a blue jay to finish eating before taking his turn at the feeder.

cardinal male

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wow It's sooo cute! I loved this capture with this beautiful red Cardinal like a detail among the green leaves!Well done!
( and dad Cezar )
drewmark19 said…
You take the most beautiful nature shots!
Carol said…
I have Cardinals all year round. I never get tired of looking at them. They are so beautiful at times.
Shellmo said…
A very handsome cardinal you captured there!!
Kelly said…
Beautiful capture of the male!! I love his bright red against the bright green of the leaves. (Plus I like how you've capture the softness around him.) I love seeing them and listening to them. I wish I could find our resident cardinal's nest also...
Indrani said…
It is kind of jumping out of the shot. Beautiful.
Those blue jays are piggish, aren't they? GREAT picture! I hope you were able to navigate the three fields. CRAZY!

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