Ball Season Skywatch

Around our house, spring means ball. T-ball, baseball, softball--all three kids are involved so we are hoppin'!

This is Ethan's first year, and I am really enjoying watching him learn and play. I am not sure how most leagues handle batting for t-ball, but our coaches pitch six balls then bring out the tee if the batter still hasn't gotten a hit. Ethan still sometimes needs the tee. Other times, he hits it and then tries to remember what he is supposed to do next.

ethanrun ethansky

I had to laugh at the first practice I attended because he hit the ball and ran half-way to third base before he realized the coach was telling him to run the other way. He doesn't always run to the next base either as the next runner is coming around behind him. He's busy kicking the dirt or gazing up into the sky. Good thing he has patient coaches.

Henry is improving each year he plays. He is at the age now where being good at it really matters to him, so he works hard. He's got a great coach this year who is strong on teaching the skills, but also excellent at offering encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Megan is rather new to the sport having decided volleyball wasn't really her thing. This is only her second year, but she's learning to pitch and is really enjoying that. Thank goodness our neighbor knows something about softball. She came over one night last week to coach Megan for a bit. She was able to help her with the proper technique.


Skies are grey here today. But I'm hoping the rain will hold off long enough to get the games in. What does your sky look like today? Check out SkyWatch Fridayto view more.


Audun said…
Great photos. have a nice week
Sara G said…
Great photo's. Look like all the kids have FUN FUN FUN!!
Take care and Happy SWF
Carol said…
Great photos of some beautiful children...looks like a fun family thing to do...skies are grey is right...
Gennasus said…
Hope your skies are blue soon! Great photos of the kids.
TCKK said…
Great photos. Your little son looks so intense in the 1st 2 pictures!! They all look like they're having fun!
I love these pictures! Really, really great! Our sky was sunny and bright today! But they just started getting a little gray! I just prayed that you would be able to get your game in tonight! Happy Friday! And Happy Mothers Day if I dont talk to you!
Tabib said…
This boy sure having fun with that practice.
Happy Mothers Day to you and mothers all over the world.
theArthurClan said…
These are all wonderful Adrienne. I especially love the first two - he seems so full of life and vitality. Probably keeps you on your toes, right? :)

Happy Mother's Day!
Linda said…
Oh you have a Megan too!
These are fascinating glimpses into a part of American life that I've read about but never seen. Sorry if that makes you seem like a cultural curiosity, it's just that we don't have any of these sports here and I've gathered that a lot of American family life revolves around them!
mlc said…
Great photos of your kids. It makes me remember when mine were that young. You won't be sorry that you encourage them to participate in all those things. My kids still enjoy friendships that began on the playing field way back then.

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