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This weeks's theme at I Heart Faces is creative cropping, either in-camera or using an editing program. When I saw the theme, this photo of Ethan sledding immediately came to mind. This is the shot, (Straight-Out-Of-Camera), as he was telling me all about how far he went on his last run. "Did you see me, Mom?!" I wish I had caught him looking at me, but while we were talking he kept looking at the end of the track he'd left in the snow.

When I previewed the shot outside, I remember thinking, "Darn, I cut off part of his head." But when I went inside and opened the file, I was pleased to find that his whole face was there, and I really liked the off-centered composition of the shot. (Of course, the word "composition" implies that I purposely shot off-center, but I'm owning it, even if it was just luck.) :)

So there you have it, my lucky, SOOC creative crop. Head on over to I ♥ Faces to see some amazing ways to crop a photo and add some pizazz. I learn so much there every week!


Adrienne, that is terrific! And, to know it came SOOC that way is even better. (I am a firm believer and benefactress of happy accidents. Call it composition!)
I love it! Great color & composition
Melinda said…
What a great shot! Accidental shots, for some odd reason, always turn out the best!
Kelli said…
SUPER cute picture!!My entry for this week was the same thing...I accidentally cut off part of his head, but really liked the photo anyway!
Adrienne! I really love this! Things that are a little off centered or a little cut off sometimes turn out to be the best pictures. Fantastic work! I always love coming to visit you!
I'm a HUGE fan of portraits that are "off-centered" (the "rule of thirds" rocks)! This one is awesome - good job!!
drewmark19 said…
How sweet. You can totally sense Ethan's excitement! I like the blog banner too! :)
Kate said…
What a great picture! The color and the crop and just perfect! Great shot!
Amanda said…
What a beautiful picture and a super cute little man you have there!

Dot O said…
What a great crop Adrienne! What a handsome little guy too. I am so far behind on visiting blogs this week. I plan on playing catchup in the next few days.

This week's theme at I <3 Faces is a fun one, isn't it? So neat you did your cropping with the camera!
Christina said…
Great shot, and SOOC crop! :)
Shane said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sometimes the "shoot from the hip" technique can yield some of the best pictures.
theArthurClan said…
I love this one Adrienne! You did a great job cropping this photo, even it it was an "accident." You're a genius photographer and you didn't even know it! :)

I'm loving the new look of your blog too...very nice.

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