Camera Critters - Spring Azure

Ok, it's official. I am ready for spring! Now don't misunderstand me, I still love winter. And one of the best things about winter is that it eventually releases its icy grip on my garden and gives way to green, new growth. With my snowdrops finally blooming, and the tips of the daffodils poking up through the mulch, I am eager for sun-kissed warmth and color.

So no wintry scenes today of my backyard. No, today, I decided to share a photo I took last spring when my husband and I were in the midst of a large landscaping project.

landscaping project by Adrienne in OHio

After spending one whole day helping him roll up the sod, it was time for the "heavy work." I was supposed to be taking photos of the progress while I supervised, (mud where grass used to be, him on the bobcat, new boulders being shoved into position, tree-planting, etc.) Well, I noticed that this little blue butterfly kept landing in the muddy grass.

jeff on the bobcat moving a big rock

Now, I don't have ADD, it's just that standing around between the times when my opinion was needed was getting kinda boring. My end of the conversation went a little something like this: "Yes, Honey, I got a shot of that boulder. Yes, I got one of you on the bobcat. Yeah, place that tree a little closer to ..., Oh, look! a butterfly." Well, how many pictures of mud and rocks do we really need to document this? :)

landscaping project - redbud tree

So without further ado, meet the spring azure that brightened up my day. It's actually quite common to find these butterflies in or near mud. The behavior is called puddling. They sip the moisture from the mud to get the minerals they need.

spring azure butterfly photo by Adrienne Zwart

So until spring arrives with its flowers, returning birds and butterflies, I am enjoying my photos from previous years. And hopefully in the weeks to come, I'll be posting pics of orioles and bluebirds. They should be returning very soon.

Do you like animals? Check out Camera Critters, a meme dedicated to animal photography sharing.


Flo said…
What a pretty butterfly. I love them. Good picture.

You can see my entry over at Feather, Fur and Fins
Snap said…
Wonderful photo. I don't blame you for *moving* spring along. Perhaps one of this little guys relatives will pay a visit soon!
Jedediah said…
Beautiful colours and look at the furry edge of the wings
kden said…
What a beautiful blue he is, you've got more Spring than we do.
Groomer Angie said…
Beautiful shot! What a vivid blue color! Can't wait for spring here either, it's been a long winter!
Tink *~*~* said…
Pretty color. I didn't know that, about puddling. I love that we can learn new things about critters with this meme :)

Happy Critturday!
Tink *~*~*

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Tootie said…
Beautiful butterfly, and I always wondered why they landed on mud. Now I know. :-) I hope you post the finished project.
Michele said…
I am so looking forward to Spring as well!!!
The butterfly is gorgeous!
Kerri said…
Oh I am SO HAPPY you posted this beautiful butterfly. A truly gorgeous critter!! I am ready for SPRING too!
Bryan said…
Oh my, that's a pretty butterfly!
Babooshka said…
That really is a sure sign of spring. Beautiful capture.
Indrani said…
That is one rare butterfly. Great capture!
i beati said…
Love all that awakening . redbud sigh Sandy
theArthurClan said…
I want you to come landscape my yard! You all did a pro job on yours. :)

Beautiful butterfly too!
Manz said…
I like your humor ;)

We all enjoy photos of various subject matter, but I too would be more interested in the butterfly.

And if there was a cat called Bob, he too would grab my attention before a piece of machinery.
Bruce said…
Like Thumper would say in "Bambi"..."pretty flower"!
Fishing Guy said…
Adrienne: That is a great looking butterfly.
Carla said…
lol! Great butterfly! (how do you get your pictures to post so big?)
Thanks everyone. To answer Carla's question: a friend of mine suggested registering for an account with Flickr. ( I crop the photo to the size I want before uploading (usually 640x480). Once it's uploaded there, I can click on the photo to get the html code and paste it into my blogger post. This way I am only limited by the margins of the blog's template.

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