I ♥ Faces - Black & White

It's Monday again, and that means another photo-filled installment of I ♥ Faces. I've never worked in black and white before. It was interesting. After trying the conversion on several photos, I decided on these two for my entries.

First up, in the adult category, is a photo of my grandparents at a birthday party. My grandma passed away about 6 months afterward, so this photo is precious to me.

my grandparents

Second, in the kids category, is a photo of my Megan hanging out in a tree.

meg b&w1


Carol said…
I'm so sorry about your grandma - she looks so vital in this picture..how lucky you have it.
Christi said…
They are both just amazing. I'm especially fond of the picture of your grandparents. Something about it reminds me of my grandparents and the photo I entered is of my grandma.
jen@odbt said…
Both are wonderful pictures. I especially love the one of your grandparents - it's so great you have a picture of her to enjoy today. I'm sorry about her passing. This is a great reminder for me to capture my kids' grandparents more in photos.
Sharon said…
Love seeing some older kids on here! My 10 and 12 year olds were getting lonely. haha!!

I love the story behind your adult picture. He looks so happy and so blessed in that picture. So wonderful that you were able to capture that moment to have and hold on to. :)
I came by earlier and could not leave a comment for the life of me! Let's see if it works now.
PHEW : ). I love your picture of your grand parents. Aren't grandparents the most magical of people. I just loved mine so much! Especially my Grandmothers. I love their picture. It totally made me smile today. I also love your daughter sitting in the tree. She is so pretty. I am sure that was a pretty scene! You have such a beautiful spirit. I see it every time I come here and I am always blessed!
I love the casual way your grandfather has his arm on his wife's shoulder...they are so comfortable with one another! And that tree...what a find, love the curve of the trunk. (It is interesting how B&W doesn't work on all pictures, isn't it? I am glad you were able to try something new this week!)
Jaden Paige said…
Great photos! I love the angle on that tree shot :) Thanks for visiting Bendy Ruggles~
theArthurClan said…
What a wonderful photo to have as a memory of your grandparents together Adrienne. And that photo of Megan is wonderful ~ I love the crooked branch she is leaning on.

co-founder of I ♥ Faces
whata beauty as well look at those shoot . amazing

thanks for your swet comment today at circle of life your blog is beautiful.
EliseK said…
That's awesome that you captured that photo of your grandmother!!
Marci's World said…
Thanks for your help.
I really like the one of your daughter in the tree. The background is so full of texture and light. Her clothing is smooth and dark and makes her really stand out. That's what B&W does!!
How precious to have a pic of your grandma here. The B&W makes her almost timeless.... They look like the kind of grandparents anyone would want to have.
Dot O said…
These are both great entries! Amazing what black and white does with the photos! It makes things just pop!
Such great pictures I love B&W photo...I really like the shot of your grandparents
Dot O said…
Adrienne, if they do a how to at the end of the week, I'm sure that will be a BIG help to us who are just beginners. Here's hoping!
Shane said…
Thanks for stopping by my site. I sympathize with you on the loss of your grandmother. The picture I posted was one of the few shots I have of my dad. He passed away 2 years ago.
drewmark19 said…
Look at your lovely model daughter! She's at that perfect age where she cooperates. I'm so jealous! :)

I'm glad you were able to get such a lovely picture of your grandparents. It makes me sad to think how much I took for granted that my grandparents would always be around.
Mary said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. It was very kind of you to do so. :)

I really like the picture of your grandparents. I, too, recently lost my grandmother and I know just how precious they can be - especially since all of mine have passed away. Now when I see my father and mother-in-law with my children, I hope that they will be around for my children to enjoy for a long time.
Manz said…
I'm just visiting... not a participant in this meme. However, I'm a huge fan of portrait photography - always have been. Having said that I relate to the comment made by drewmark19 in that not all ages are co-operative ;)

My pick is the one of your daughter... but I understand your connection to the other one. The last photo I have of my Grandma is a black and white image - it's on my fridge. Along with one of her as a young lady. I LOVE the old black and white photos!! The old one is a square print with white border... you know the kind?

Thanks for sharing your images and story with us all.
Gill said…
Oh i love both pics...but especially the one of your daughter. She is stunning.

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