Camera Critters - Horses in the Snow

We live in a great location. Drive fifteen minutes one way and you'll find yourself in downtown Akron. Fifteen minutes in the opposite direction leads to picturesque rural farmlands with its beautiful open spaces. We've got the best of both worlds.

horses on a snowy farm

Our route to church happens to be through some of this farmland. One of the farms includes a fenced-in pasture right up next to the road. We enjoy seeing the horses as they graze. Usually they are in the farthest corner from the road, up near the gate that must lead to their barn.

horses in the snow - photo by Adrienne in Ohio

Often I've thought I might come by on a day when I'm not hurrying to get to service and photograph them. But I never did. However, one very snowy Sunday afternoon in January, we left early to give ourselves extra driving time. As it turns out the roads were not too treacherous and we had time to stop and watch the horses as the snow continued to fall. (And if you've been reading this blog, you know I've started carrying my camera everywhere I go.)

snowy horse photo by Adrienne in Ohio

The shots aren't very clear because of all the heavy snowflakes, but I rather like the effect.

snow horse photo by Adrienne Zwart

Thanks to Misty Dawn for hosting such a fun meme. To see other beautiful animal photographs, check out Camera Critters.


i beati said…
what a Christmas card Really S special Sandy
Amy said…
Great photos! And, I love that you can actually see the snow falling.

Amy ~ The Salty Momma
Rose said…
Adrienne, these are great. Really nice pictures.
Skittles said…
The next to last picture looks like it could be on a Christmas card!!! I'm glad you had the extra time that day to stop and photograph these beautiful horses. I'm glad you shared them with us, too. :)
They didn't seem to mind the snow.

I played too :)
Carla said…
What beautiful horses! And how great to have them on your path:)

One of our church neighbors have donkeys, and now the other has horses, sure to please old and young alike! Enjoy!
T said…
Nice pictures. Beautiful horses, also looks very cold. Brrrr.
theArthurClan said…
The snow does add a lot to the photos ~ gives them a sense of magic. Beautiful Adrienne!
Groomer Angie said…
Beautiful horses & I love the snow effect (even if I'm ready for spring!) The markings on the black & white horse looks like he advertises for Nike. :)
Lovely shots of those beautiful animals Adrienne.

Thank you for leaving a kind comment on my blog last week. A
jenn said…
When I see horses in snow, I think of Christmas. Beautiful shots.
Carolina said…
Oh Adrienne, these shots are beautiful. Picture postcards for Christmas.
Reader Wil said…
Beautiful horses, Adrienne! Good to take your camera always with you. The horses look kind of mysterious in the snow falling down.
Kathy said…
Beautiful horses. Perfect shots with the snow. Hope you have a great weekend. =)
Snap said…
Wonderful photos. I love horses and snow (but then I don't live someplace where it snows)! Wonderful combo.
Bruce said…
Such beautiful animals and the snow just enhances these photos!
Anonymous said…
Lovely critters!
ivars krafts said…
Beautiful photos Adrienne! I like the sequence in which you presented them, as well as you commentary, which always adds to the pictures.
I live in the midst of horse country and agree it's a beautiful place to be. Very nice photos!
Beautiful photos, Adrienne. The horses don't seem to mind being out in that cold and snow. (Guess they are used to it.)

Dianne said…
beautiful horses
and the top photo is like a dream for me, I'd love to live there
Carletta said…
I like the effect of the snow! It's a great mood for these.
You really aren't but just a few hours from me if you're outside Akron. Small world.
Tink *~*~* said…
I like the effect of the snow on the photos, too. Gives them an ethereal quality.

Tink *~*~*
Now Playing at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* :
The unfortunately named peacock at Disney and Busch Gardens
Denise said…
These are wonderful photos, those horses are beautiful animals and the snow makes them look even more so. Great shots!
I agree, I love the heavy snow flakes. Soon it will be snowing like that here today. I may have a similar post soon. Great photos. I also agree that in ohio you are close to many things quickly. That's a great thing about ohio

You did a nice job of catching the flakes as they were falling.
And it makes such a lovely scene.
floreta said…
second to last picture is my favorite. beautiful pair!
Misty Dawn said…
I LOVE these photos, Adrienne!
So, you'll need to send me an e-mail and tell me where these were taken ;-) I grew up in Portage County... more specifically, Randolph.
I LOVE visiting your blog!
They look like they do not mind the snow a all ;) brrr. I love the captures snowflakes against the horses. The black and white horse is a beauty.
Shari said…
I love your 'snowy' pictures of the horses..I've tried the same thing stopping by the roadside and the horses are never positioned right for the camera. Great JOB of capturing the peacefulness of this winter scene !!!

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