Camera Critters - Birds of Bok Tower

It's the weekend of the Great Backyard Bird Count and I am trying to participate. I say "trying" because when I sat down to start my 15-minute block yesterday, the birds all suddenly disappeared. I was puzzled for a few minutes--the feeders were full, the hawks were not around. Then I saw a bit of movement in the open field as the neighbor's cat was slinking along. One of the birds must have seen her and sounded a warning. Anyway, I'm hoping to have better counting today.

My photos today are from Bok Tower, a garden sanctuary in central Florida. The kids and I went with a friend last Monday and had a wonderful day walking and enjoying the surroundings.

Gray Catbird
gray catbird photo by Adrienne Zwart

swan photo by Adrienne Zwart

Yellow Warbler? (I'm still studying which bird this is. If you know it, please let me know in the comments section.)
unkown warbler photo by Adrienne Zwart

Red-winged Blackbirds
red-winged blackbirds photo by Adrienne in Ohio

Mourning Doves
mourning doves photo by Adrienne Zwart

Rufous-sided Towhee
roufus-sided towhee photo by Adrienne Zwart

Bok Tower
bok tower photo by Adrienne Zwart

There are lots of other great photos of animals over at Camera Critters.


Rhea said…
What a bunch of great bird photo! Very pretty. I never know what kinds of birds are from their photos, so I really can't help, sorry.

That tower is awesome.
Craig Glenn said…
I think the one you asked about was a palm warbler. I was looking at the great bird pic's and thinking to myself she must be in the south. I admit to skimming the photo's first. lol. Then I looked at your profile to see you were from Ohio, hummmm, puzzeled...

Then I read the story! You were in Central florida! LOL

Great photos

Bruce said…
Pretty birdies in your photos...I like birdies:)
Carolina said…
Lovely birds! Not one of them looks familiar to me, except the Mourning Doves.
i beati said…
a real galleria of special birdphotos love them
Darla said…
Great photos. I love the Swan.
Snap said…
Wonderful photos of some of my favorite critters!
Skittles said…
Beautiful birds and great job taking such fantastic pictures!

I spent part of my growing up years in central Florida and the tower sounds very familiar. I'm old now and my memory is slipping (hahaha) so I can't remember where it is.
Bok Tower is in Lake Wales, Florida just about an hour south of Orlando.
theArthurClan said…
These are all so beautiful Adrienne! But that swan photo is AWESOME. Wow!
Misty Dawn said…
FANTASTIC photos!!! Not only are you awesome cuz you're in Ohio, you're also a great photographer! ;-) I really like the swan and blackbird shots a LOT!
Villas Girl said…
This is a lovely place to visit. I love all your photos, but the swan is my favorite.
Dianne said…
each bird is beautiful!
Oh, so beautiful! The swan is so pretty. Great shots!
fishing guy said…
Andienne: You captured some great birds at the tower. I saw that tower on a blog once before.
Denise said…
Incredible photos of your birds. Hope the kitty stays away :) Happy Valentine's Day!
Tink *~*~* said…
I've never heard of Bok Tower - I will have to investigate, thanks! Red-winged blackbirds are some of my favorites.

Tink *~*~*
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Manz said…
The Red-winged Blackbirds image is great! Is that corn they are standing on? Makes the black feathers stand out!!

I only have furry children, but I do love hearing about families that enjoy outings at places such as a garden sanctuar - rather than a mall ;)
Yes, Manz, the blackbirds were eating corn.
Manz said…
Hey... thanks for the reply :)

Not everyone replies when I ask a question. I don't know why...?

It's one of the best parts about blogging - interaction!
:) You're welcome, Manz. I am enjoying "meeting" new friends through blogging. You're right, though: it only works if there is interaction.
Sue said…
These are lovely photos :) Thank you for sharing them!
Regina Marie said…
Enjoyed your bird pictures..they look inquisitive-
Rose said…
What a wonderful variety! great captures.

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