Room to Improve

We all have room to improve, don't we? In fact, we have a whole evening dedicated to reflecting on the past so that we can resolve to do better in the future. A friend of mine recently posed this question to a discussion group: "How many of you actually make New Year's resolutions?" Interestingly, there weren't many. Perhaps we are a bunch of underachievers. More likely, we fear we will not follow through. I mean, one isn't supposed to break promises, right? Even to oneself.

Personally, I try to take stock in my life more than once a year. And if I find something that needs changing, I get started right away. Yes, sometimes I fall short. But the beauty of not waiting till New Year's Eve is that I can start over again as soon as I stumble. This taking stock thing, it's best done once a day, I think.

I don't mean to disrespect those who do make New Year's resolutions. Hey, whatever gets you motivated, right? The important thing is to act on the desire to be better, to move further in the direction you want to go, to grow. Because if you are anything like me, there's always room for improvement!


The Arthur Clan said…
I like to think of at least a couple of goals I can try to accomplish in the year, but I've learned that they can't be overwhelming ones (ie. I'm going to get down to my high school dress size by the end of the year.) :)

I think it's much better to make goals and to keep reevaluating them as the year progresses. Much less overwhelming that way!
jescandlon said…
There are so many things to work on, where to begin?! :) Most of the things that I would like to accomplish will only be done by the grace of God and just simply are not in my control. Amazingly, He knows what is best and so what will be, will be. However, we were challenged Sunday in church regarding our attitude. I think it was Swindoll that said our successes and happiness are 10% what life hands us and 90% attitude. How true that probably is and what a motivator to have a positive attitude in 2009. Wishing you a Happy and Positive New Year.

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