Point and Shoot

My Christmas gift this year was a Canon Powershot, a point-and-shoot model with a 10x zoom and image stablilization. I love the size of it. I had felt that lugging the Rebel and lenses was too cumbersome and was complaining about never having the camera around to capture moments "on the go". All I had to use previously was my cell phone which is old and takes extremely grainy photos. So I'm playing with this camera, too, trying to appreciate its compact-ness. (Is that even a word?) You'll see from the photo below that the quality is definitely not the same as our SLR. However, there is much to be said for having a camera you can toss in your purse and bring along everywhere you go.

So, what I learned the past two days of photographing the birds with both cameras is that this camera does have a nice zoom, but if I use it, I'm going to get very grainy photos. I can't really adjust the ISO the way I'd like: there's an Auto and a Hi setting. So probably not the best camera for photographing birds, but for documenting the every-day stuff, it'll do. And maybe I should just start carrying the camera pack instead of my purse. I'm sure I could find room in there for a wallet, keys, and a tube of lipstick. What else does a girl need, really?

goldfinch in flight

The birds have been faithful visitors as the temperatures dipped below zero this week. This goldfinch just grabbed a seed and flew up to the post to enjoy it. I was happy to catch him in mid-flight.

There's lots of better photographs over at Camera Critters.

Camera Critters


Mimi said…
Congrats on your new camera, how exciting!
Darla said…
That's a great shot there!
Rhea said…
Pretty bird! It's nice to have different options of different cameras depending on what you're doing. I have a canon powershot but would love a DSLR sometime. :o)
Carletta said…
Catch in the act! Wonderful.
I got a Rebel for Christmas and I'm finding it is a lot to carry around. I'm carrying it and my point and shoot - I like your idea of just taking the camera pack. :)
Oh my gosh, that photo is perfect!
b13 said…
The slight blur has a warmth to it though... You'll get used to it.
Carolina said…
You 'shot' at just the right moment there! Lovely picture.
KC said…
very cool shot.
Karen said…
Nice shot !!

I have a point and shoot digital camera. I recently picked up a 35mm SLR, which I'm doing a steep learning curve on :-) My main problem at the moment is getting the light right.

Keep at it, you'll get the hang of it in no time, judging by the above photo !
Thanks for all the encouragment everybody! It is fun to learn something new and find you truly enjoy it.
theArthurClan said…
Great in-flight shot Adrienne! You must love being able to see the birds at your feeders all winter long.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. :)
Misty Dawn said…
Catching birds in mid-flight is always exciting, I think!

I love my DSLR, but I wish I had another camera I could put in my purse or keep in my vehicle. Too many times, I see stuff I want to 'shoot' but don't have the camera with me because of the cold, where I'm going, or whatever reason.
Misty Dawn said…
P.S. I lived in Uniontown for a couple months.

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