This has been the most beautiful January that I can remember. (Northeast Ohio weather is so fickle. Our beautiful snowfalls are usually followed by a "warm front" just a few days later that either melts it all away or brings rain which also melts it leaving nasty brown puddles everywhere.) So I am really enjoying this. After all, if it's going to be winter, I want it to be snowy white--all the time.

Who knows how long this particular cold stretch will last. We've had a couple of sunny afternoons, but the temperatures have barely made it into the 20's, so we are still covered in beautiful snow.

This combination of bright, sunny afternoons and frigid temps is the perfect recipe for one of my favorite phenomenons-the formation of icicles. I've noticed some spectacular ones over the past few days, usually while I'm on a very busy stretch of road with traffic behind me. I've been carrying the little Canon with me religiously the past few days, but it doesn't do any good if you can't stop to use it!



Yesterday, Ethan and I took off after preschool to find some icicles off the main roads so I could stop and photograph. I got a few shots. No formations that were as exciting as I had been seeing along the busy road. But this morning, I noticed the most amazing curtain of icicles that ran the entire length of a run-down gas station. After I dropped him off at pre-school, I ran home to get the "good" camera. Somehow, I don't think these photos do the scene justice, but I'm glad I took them.



drewmark19 said…
Wow! Those suckers could be deadly! Now I'm thinking I'd like to see what's hanging off of our house. One thing I do know, our furnace intake keeps getting blocked by ice. Going off of that, I bet we have some interesting ice formations elsewhere on our house!
Laura said…
They are beautiful, Adrienne! And dangerous! I remember my parents always warning us not to stand beneath them. As kids my brothers and I would break the off and use them in many a sword fight! Fun memories!
Yes, that's the first thing both boys asked. "Can you break some off so we can have a sword fight?" Me- "Um, that would be a NO. You'll poke each other's eyes out!" I'm such a killjoy sometimes! LOL
theArthurClan said…
Holy cow ~ those are huge! Wyatt just saw some big ones the other day on a store and told me "Those are dangerous mom. I hope they don't fall on someone and KILL them!" Mr. Melodramatic himself.
Cori said…
Wow! Those are big. I love icicles too. Don't get many down here though. I did get some good pictures of an snow/icestorm when I was home for Christmas a few year ago. Stay warm up there.

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