Backyard Birds

Well, my husband is finally trying to relinquish total control of his new camera. And I'm trying to actually learn to do something other than take photos on the automatic setting. It's a much too nice piece of equipment to ignore all those wonderful features. So I'm playing with ISO, and F-stop, and aperture settings, all of which is complete Greek to me. But as the old song goes "Anything you can do, I can do better," I am determined to become an outstanding photographer. Even if my only subject matter is my own children and the creatures that share our backyard.

I just refilled the bird feeders in time for today's snowfall. Here are a few shots of my appreciative guests.

red-bellied woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker

American Goldfinch (winter plumage)

Blue Jay

Feel free to click on the first two to enlarge. I'm still figuring things out with Flikr, and the blue jay's head kept getting cut off in the last one, so I had to use blogger's picture format. Bear with me--I intend to make this a pleasant blog to view.


drewmark19 said…
I'd say you are doing awesome! Beautiful pics!
theArthurClan said…
Adrienne ~ your photos are beautiful! Now you need to enter them into a new photo me-me I just found called Camera Critters. Here's their website:

Have fun!

Laura said…
Go Adrienne!!! What kind of camera did, I mean your hubby get?!
i beati said…
excellent photos and header- enjoyable to me Sandy
Indrani said…
You have such beautiful guests visiting you. Lovely birds!
Dianne said…
how wonderful that you get such lovely visitors!
Karen said…
Very nice shots. I like the last one of the Blue Jay.
Misty Dawn said…
These photos are truly spectacular!!! You've got some great pictures here, and I see that you are in my home state of Ohio!

Thank you SO much for joining CC. It really means a lot to me, and I look forward to seeing more of your critter photos each week.

Oh... by the way - Congratulations - you were chosen as the feature Camera-Critter capture for this week.
Those birds are very beautiful! Great pictures!
Thanks everyone. Laura, the camera is a Canon Rebel Xsi with the 55-250 mm lens. These pics are straight out of the camera--all I had to do was crop them.
Cori said…
Awesome pics Adrienne. You're taking great pictures. I'm still trying to learn all the manual settings better too. The photography class I'm taking starts next week. I'm excited to get started. I also downloaded Photoshop and have been trying some of the things Angie showed me. All the photos I have posted now are straight out the camera also but I look forward to seeing what I can do in photoshop to make them look even better.
Hildegarde said…
Great snowy birdpics !
Groomer Angie said…
Such great shots, I love my bird feeders! And yes, Feather did get a couple bites of ice cream, she always does. ;) Thanks for visiting my blog!
Tootie said…
Very nice photos! :-)

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