My Favorite Christmas

My favorite Christmas memory is from the year I turned 10. My father had quit his job to attend Bible college. He was able to get a job at a factory for the night shift so he could still go to school full time. (I have no idea when he slept.) My mom got a part-time job at Burger King to try to help make ends meet, but it was a difficult time for our family, financially.

As it got closer to Christmas, my parents told my brother and I that we were going to have Christmas, but we would have to choose only one item that we wanted most. Eric was really into legos at the time, and I liked playing with them as well. So we both wrote down which lego set we liked, and waited for Christmas to come.

The funny thing about kids that I think most parents today don't realize is that they really can be perfectly happy with just one gift. Well, Christmas morning came and Eric and I were so surprised to see tags on several little gifts we were not expecting. There was a poster for my room, and a little cross necklace that had a pink rosebud on it. We each got the lego set we had asked for, and I did play with mine a lot. But the gift that was most special to me was a little Indian doll my mom made for me out of yarn. Her "dress" was brown and her yarn hair was black and braided. That doll was so special to me and occupied the place of honor on my bed for many, many years.

I know that Christmas was a humbling experience for my parents, but it was my favorite Christmas ever.


The Arthur Clan said…
Awww ~ that is such a beautiful Christmas memory Adrienne!

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