An Evening with the Akron Symphony

As a birthday gift to myself, I decided to secure tickets to the Akron Symphony's Holiday Pops concert for our family. It's a good time to expose kids to orchestral music because the pieces are typically short and there are usually a number of "fun" selections as well as serious music.

In the midst of the Christmas music, the conductor thought to include our Jewish friends with some Hanukkah songs featuring himself on clarinet. Henry was enthralled. At intermission, he asked over and over if he could quit piano and start clarinet instead.

When I explained that band starts in fifth grade in our district he became distraught and began to cry.("That's three years away!") Yep, crying over lack of opportunity for creative expression--that's my boy. :O)

In the second half of the evening, the conductor again broke out the clarinet, a red one this time, for a lively tune by Duke Wellington called the Peanut Brittle Brigade. (It's a piece based on the march from the Nutcracker.) As the man skillfully played a run on the instrument, I looked over at Henry and caught his eye. His eyes were wide and he nodded his head emphatically.

Duke Wellington cinched it--Henry's going to play the clarinet.


The Arthur Clan said…
That is such a wonderful thing to do together as a family Adrienne. And to think that your son was so completely drawn into a specific instrument just because of that activity...that's awesome! :)

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