A Dream of Christmas

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Christmas that I had just turned ten years old was my favorite. I felt special and very loved. I have vivid memories of that Christmas, and so I'll share another story with you today.

I went to bed on Christmas Eve very eager to unwrap my gift. Now, Santa was not someone who was ever promoted in our home, but I managed to believe in him anyway when I was little. I'm sure I had outgrown it by this time as evidenced by my parents' request that my brother and I write only one item on our lists due to our financial situation. Besides we didn't have a chimney or fireplace, so my parents had to be the ones, right? I lay in bed, thinking these things over, and at some point, I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke suddenly to the sound of something in the street outside. It sounded like bells and harnesses jingling. I heard a deep voice call "Whoa." I jumped up from my bed and pulled back the curtain to peer outside. I could feel the cold from the window, and it had snowed quite a lot since I went to bed. As I looked, I saw Santa's sleigh come to a stop in the street!

As the reindeer stomped and snorted their foggy breath into the night air, Santa gathered up his velvet bag and climbed down from the sleigh. He began walking toward the house...

I startled awake to the sound of something in the street. I jumped up from my bed and pulled back the curtain feeling a sense of deja vu. Again, I felt the cold from the window and noticed that it had snowed. There were some tire tracks in the snowy street, but no sleigh, no reindeer. Some neighbors were laughing and talking as they unlocked their front door to go inside. I had been dreaming.

For many years after that, I had the dream every Christmas Eve, every time happening exactly the same way. I'm not an expert in dreams. I don't know what it means to have a recurring dream. But even though I'm grown now, I sometimes have that dream on Christmas Eve. And it always makes me smile. Magic still happens at Christmas.


The Arthur Clan said…
I never believed in Santa, because my parents told me when I was very little that there wasn't a Santa. I completely respect the way they raised us, but Bill and I wanted our kids to enjoy that extra big of magic at Christmas.

I so enjoy watching my little ones and seeing how they totally believe. :)

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