Adrienne's Attic

For me, blogging is like pouring over old photos and sifting through trunks in my Grandma's attic. I used to love to go up there and get completely lost in thought as I held dishes, books and quilts that had belonged to my great-great grandmother and my great grandmothers. I loved to come back down and tell someone all about the things I discovered up there. Those objects, and the stories my grandma would tell me about them anchored me to my past, my heritage.

Similarly, as life around me gets so hectic, writing down my thoughts anchors me to my present. I've blogged for a long time, I just didn't know that's what it was called as I kept a Caringbridge page for my husband. He is well now, and I find that I miss writing my daily thoughts as I had been. How else will I remember the little things that happen today? Tomorrow they will be overshadowed by the tasks that demand my attention and perhaps be forgotten.

So I'll be sharing my thoughts as I imagine myself sitting in the attic with treasures all around me. Can you hear the creak on the stairs? smell the varnish on the old wood floor? See the dust sparkle as it floats through the sun pouring in from the attic window? It's quiet up here, perfect for remembering...and for writing.


The Arthur Clan said…
I found you Adrienne! And what an amazing first post. I can't wait to see what else you share with us. :)

You are absolutely going to love the blogging world...I know I do!
Cori said…
I agree with Angie. Great first post. Welcome to blog world.

I'm not as good at this as Angie but I've been trying to do better at keeping mine uptodate.

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